Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Days & Summer Plans

These glorious days of Summer are upon us... in our home at least! We started our first weekend of Summer with a game of soccer and a birthday party. The upcoming weeks seem to be the busiest planned days of the entire season! I'm certain that this Summer will fly by quicker than I'd like it to, so I'm hoping to cherish every moment of it! Of course, that also means cramming as much fun, and as many projects, as possible into the 3 month time span!

I'm known by many of my friends & family as a "crafty mama." In fact, they have given me a "Queen of Crafting" mug & "Crafty Mama" apron so I can wear my title proudly. This being said, my kids know that our days will always be filled with projects. There are so many options in the wonderful world of "arts & crafts" that we can always find something fun to do! Maybe I'll even blog about a few of our favorite past & upcoming projects in a future blog.

The other sides of our Summer will include a lot of reading and writing! Of course there will be trips to the drive-in movies, beach days, bubble blowing, mini golfing, and board games too. The possibilities are endless! Here's the big question... Who is going to have more fun this Summer? Me or my kids?

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  1. You...after visiting me and vice versa all summer!!! LOL