Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Writing Is Fun!

This blog is fairly random and just because I'm a bit excited about being productive! It's almost 11pm and I'm sitting in front of my laptop to blog instead of grabbing that late dinner, which is now a really really late dinner. Besides the usual distractions, such as the final soccer game of this season and unruly children, I have been too busy to think about dinner yet (yes, the kids were fed). Well, maybe the thought has crossed my mind, but I wasn't ready just yet. I had something to do! I pulled out my lasso of truth... Okay, it was just my Wonder Woman notebook, but it has the lasso on it! Anyway... I grabbed my notebook, sat down, and wrote! I have a good intro started to my little book. I'm anxious to write more, but I'm not sure if I will see my notebook again until Sunday. I would love to pick it up tomorrow, but I have some unexpected errands to run. Errands to run with children in tow always take 10 times longer than normal don't they? I was requested to sing for a funeral on Thursday, Friday plans were set in stone at the beginning of the week, and Saturday we have family plans that will keep us very busy! Sunday is Father's Day, but I'm sure my husband won't mind me sneaking in some writing time. In fact, he's the one encouraging me to do so. If I find time over the next few days, I will pick up my notebook and write. I'm rather enjoying myself! I've taken the comments, regarding my last blog, to heart and am just writing. If I finish and I feel the need to take something out, I will. I will not "pre-edit" my book and remove things before I even write them down! I will not, I will not, I will not Sam I Am! There, there, there I said it because I can.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! Hope you're able to squeeze a little more writing time in!

  2. Good...and hopefully I get to read it BEFORE you do decide to edit ;) Can't wait till you get more on paper.