Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet Me On Monday: I Heart Boots

Meet Me On Monday:

This Monday, and random Mondays here after, my blog will reveal something about me.
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Warning:  Following this statement you may begin to feel the need to sing These Boots Are Made For Walking or Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under or other footwear related songs.

I love boots!  No, I'm not talking about the monkey from Dora.  I'm a fan of boots, the footwear.  As much as I would love to claim that I own an abundance of boots, sadly it is not true.  While perusing weekly ads, browsing in the stores, or watching tv, you can often catch me looking longingly at a knee high pair of foot coverage.  It's one of my forms of kryptonite, my weakness.

I'm not certain where it all began, but the photo above showcases one of my first pairs of non-winter boots.  What's not to love about a little blonde girl in an oversized yellow "Cute" kitten shirt with infamous cowboy, or should I say cowgirl, boots adorning her feet?  I still have a passion for a good pair of country western inspired footwear.  Maybe it's partly due to the Southern roots I get from my Mom's side of the family, either way I would wear them to do a boot scootin' boogie or just to add a bit of spunk to my day.  The excuse I used to purchase the pair I currently own, was that I needed them for a Halloween costume.

My favorite pair of foot enhancements is the beautiful black pair that I purchased from Target (see above).  The only problem is that my tiny feet and my muscular calves don't always agree on this pair, but a little extra squeeze is fine with me.  I really like the way I feel when I add a little height & sleekness to my legs. 

Above, you will find the remaining pairs of my boot collection.  Two were purchased for costumes, but only one of those pairs has been worn on a regular basis.  The bright shiny & red vinyl platforms are seen only when Supergirl is needed.  My white suede boots were perfect for Halloween costumes past, but have been seen multiple other times as well.  I purchased my very warm brown & tan suede pair as well as my shiny black winter boots on clearance at Kohls.  Both keep my feet very warm, but while the suede ones are perfect for Fall, the black pair keep my feet very dry in the Winter snow.

While out school shopping for O in late August, I spotted these beautiful boots that reminded me of a very, very tall Converse shoe.  My husband and son humored me as I tried them on, however they would not allow me to add them to my collection.  Apparently, 30 year old moms aren't allowed to wear this style, but they certainly were a lot of fun!  If only I needed them for a costume, they'd be mine! 

I still feel as though there are not enough boots in my wardrobe, but until I win the lottery I'll have to keep my boot addiction in check.  I heart boots!

Is there a pair of fabulous footwear in your closet?  What is your favorite pair of footwear? Do you favor a comfy pair of sneakers, sandals, or pumps? 


  1. I miss Chuck Taylors....but I tend to draw near to pointy things with buckles and fake reptilian skin. Ahhhhh those are pretty!

  2. I really appreciate those song suggestions that I can't get out of my mind now..... :O)

  3. MB- In a perfect world you could combine the comfort of Chuck Taylors with pointy buckled faux reptile skinned shoes. Pretty shoes are like really great pets! You can walk them and they generally don't make a mess on your carpets, unless you step in something and walk on your carpet.

    Diane- I posted new ones just for you today! :)