Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Work, Work, Work It Out

A few days ago, I took on a new sense of activity in my life,  Wii Active.  I used to exercise on a more regular basis with a Play Station 2 "game" called Kinetic.  It was used with the eye toy, which is basically a webcam, and had workouts that were fun.  When we decided to move up from the PS2, I wanted something that would compare to Kinetic.  We purchased a Wii Fit and it was nice, but didn't present the same feel or challenge that I previously had.  The drive to continue working out on a regular basis faded with the excitement I had towards a not-what-I-expected exercise program.

When I heard that Wii Active would be coming out, I was curious to see if it would be more in tune with what I wanted.  Doubts filled my mind and I put off purchasing one until I had heard plenty of reviews.  Finally I had seen enough to know that this program had more potential.  What sold me, you ask?  Endless positive reviews, but one in particular.  "Wii Active is what Wii Fit should have been!" 

Just over a week ago, Wii Active was on sale for $20 less than the regular price.  My husband took M to the store, while O & I had time together at home, and came home with one for me.  I was anxious to get started, but the first chance I had was not until this past Sunday.  After the initial setup, which was not difficult, I chose the 30 Day Challenge feature, along with an intensity level, and begun my first Active workout.  Each new workout was preceded by a video example of what you needed to do.  Regardless of the time these videos took, it moved along fairly well.  Before I had completed the entire first day of workouts, it was obvious I'd be heading to the shower afterwards.  What a workout! Day 2 did not disappoint me either.  Needless to say, I'm impressed!

I'm feeling more motivated to workout and keep it up.  Being healthy is important, and exercise is a part of that.  It should never consume your life, but it is important.  The only thing left to say is...  Goodbye Kinetic, hello Wii Active! 


  1. So glad you found something that you can love. That is definitely half the battle or more to staying motivated. :O)

  2. I've been considering buying this...but we bought Rock Band instead! LOL

  3. Diane... staying motivated is always an issue for me. lol The 30 day challenge really does that for me. The word "challenge" is all it takes! lol

    MB... I know that mine is at least easier to store. lol How much do you love Rock Band (Beatles version) though? I do love me some "oldies."