Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Great Hair Debate

Saturday brings another haircut appointment.  Our favorite active stylist doesn't work in our area, so every couple of months we make a family event out of it.  It is worth the drive to know that you are going to come out of the salon feeling great about your hair.  Not too mention, we love supporting our friends.

The decision on what style to choose is an easy one for my 3 guys.  The men in my life (my boys are my "little men") generally stick with the same cut.  As for me, it usually turns into a debate.  Do I touch up the same style, choose something different, or just get a trim and let my hair grow out again?  Indecision is one of my middle names. 

A year ago, I chopped my hair off into a short bob.  Around 5 months later, after I had let my hair grow out a lot, I changed my look yet again.  I wanted something bolder and decided to just go for it.  My stylist, and friend, didn't want me to go into shock with a drastic change, so she toned down the original idea a little bit.  When I came back in the next time, she took the cut closer to the style I had picked out.  I've stuck with the same style for 4 haircuts.  Miss E, or should I call her Mrs. now that she is married, always does an amazing job!

Now, I'm debating on another change.  My hair is still pretty short, so I'm considering having Miss E trim & shape it so it can grow out again.  One of my other options is going really short, but I can't quite find a different style that I love.  I need to keep the style easy, as I'm not gifted in the art of hair, but having a bit of obvious spunk as well.  When I throw the question about possible highlights, I'm still stuck in the great hair debate.

Do you struggle with a decision when it comes to your hair style?  Do you generally stick with the same look?  Is it short, long, straight, curly, layered, bangs, or no bangs?

For the fans of the music suggestions yesterday, here are a couple of new songs for you today:
Hair (from the musical), Mr. H, and any song from Hairspray!


  1. TOO many choices!!! I'm trying to decide what to do with mine before next weekend. I think I'm going to high light it and then cut some bangs.

    WOoooo scary!

    I like your hair the way it is!

  2. I had a few inches cut off, but it's basically the same style--only better! Good luck!

  3. I trimmed it up but might grow it out again next time. lol