Friday, September 18, 2009


Last Friday I had the urge to dive into the past and started singing ABC's TGIF theme song.  I felt as though I should share this smile evoking moment with you this Friday, as I continue my attempt at turning my life into a musical.  Plus, it is a great way to celebrate the end of another work and school week! 

This past week has been full of moments, each one of them unique.  We've all had different reactions to various events that have played out in the spotlight, and of course the ones in our own lives as well. 

Many of you have seen, read, or heard about the MTV award moment.  I never planned to watch the show, but there we were, in our living room, watching it.  As a fan of Taylor Swift, and the "underdog" in situations, I was so excited to see a country girl rock MTV and win an award.  When I saw such disrespect shown to such a sweet girl, I felt my mother instinct kick in.  Quickly afterwards, I switched gears and hoped she would just "sweep the leg" and take the microphone back.  A very talented Taylor Swift had more composure than I most likely would have. 

Patrick Swayze...  Who didn't love Patrick Swayze?  If you didn't, please don't tell me, I prefer to remain ignorant to your lack of love.  That man was strong in ways that most people cannot fathom!  Cancer is evil, but he fought it.  It's sad to lose someone like Patrick Swayze.  In my personal life, I've seen cancer at it's worst.  I've seen a loved one suffer and it's heartbreaking.  Even employers feel that sadness.  My husband's office was closed for a day this week to mourn the loss of an employee.  Even though my husband did not have the opportunity to know his co-worker well, it hit us.  Knowing a child will grow up without a parent, leaves me with a dull ache in my chest.  Cancer is evil.

Through these moments, I've not only found myself emotionally charged, but inspired as well.  Taylor Swift inspired me by having the strength to perform minutes after being figuratively sucker punched in the gut.  The support she received by countless friends, family, fans, & fellow artists also gave me hope that people don't always look for a good laugh at someone else's expense.  The sad loss of Patrick Swayze & my husband's co-worker, made me stop and focus on living life to the fullest.  We don't know what will happen tomorrow, or even today, so it's important to cherish the people in our lives and do the things we love.  “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

I read a bumper sticker this week that sums up how I feel right about now. 
"Want to get rich quick?  Start counting your blessings!"
I just love a little wisdom from the back of a dusty car bumper!

How did you feel about the happenings over the past week?  Were there any public and/or personal moments that made you stop and put things into perspective? 

Thank you for the dance!
In the spirit of TGIF... We'll see ya next week!


  1. Love that bumper sticker!! Thank you for sharing that! I will definitely remember that and share it with my kids too!

  2. Jody... Your welcome! I think that's my favorite bumper sticker of all time, so far anyway. Isn't it great to get a reminder like that from out of nowhere? It is one of the big things I want to instill in my kids too.