Friday, September 11, 2009

Van Gogh Draws Me In

Laying in bed longer than normal just resting and being lazy doesn't happen very often in my home.  A rare moment like this happened less than a week ago, when Grampa & Pamm took my boys out for breakfast.  In this unusually quiet and peaceful time, my eyes focused on the painting, okay a poster reproduction, that hangs on our wall.  "The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night," by Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite among the 3  beautiful paintings in  the "Starry Night" series by this amazing artist.   

As I gazed upon the details, I absorbed the colors while my body relaxed and my mind settled.  Then I began to have deeper thoughts of the painting and it's artist.  What was it that drew Van Gogh to paint?  Was it fame or money?  Did he look for recognition?  What about the many other artists of that time?  I highly doubt it.  I can't imagine Van Gogh painting while thoughts of monetary value flashed before his eyes.  Can you?  My heart and mind tell me that art was a part of him.  I believe that his unexplainable desire to paint, fueled this talented man and many others.

Sometimes I feel as though music and writing are such a strong part of me that I could not shut them off if I wanted to.  Even when I find myself frustrated and I shove it aside for a time, it is a boomerang that comes flying back to me without fail. 

What fuels you?  Is it about that potential paycheck?  Do you paint, write, sing, or dream with your mind, heart, & soul?  Is it all about the passion and love for your craft?

A Bloggers Soundtrack: 
Various Artists have recorded and performed this song.  Just to name a few;  Josh Groban, Julie Andrews, & Garth Brooks.
Remembering those we lost on 9/11, the heartache we all felt, and the feeling of patriotic support from family, friends, & complete strangers.  God bless us and may we never forget.


  1. I'm sure that initally Van Gogh didn't paint for recognition or pay! Not sure if that changed later, but I think that passion really does fuel artists, including writers!

  2. I've always loved that painting. I like to draw and paint, although I have no formal training, and I love art museums. I feel relaxed and inspired when I walk the quiet halls.

  3. Jody... I believe he only sold 1 painting while he was alive. He was, in my opinion and many others, a great artist. I wonder how he would feel or react knowing how famous he has become.

    Jill... Art really is relaxing and inspiring! I draw & paint a little but haven't done much in years. My husband is a far more talented artistic soul than I am! Our kids also love using watercolors and draw constantly.

  4. Even i come across under the same situation in very rare cases, i liked that painting you have showed ion the post, even i like painting in my spare time but now a days because of hectic daily schedule we hardly get any such chance where we can do something which we are interested in.

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