Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disney Dreaming

I fully intended to have my blog typed up last night and scheduled to post at 7am today, but it didn't quite work out that way.  Plans around here can get altered due to my children's moods, a forgetful mind, various unexpected things and happenings, or simply by running out of time.  When we have to "fall back and punt" in this world, for whatever reason, our days and plans change.  In some cases, it is a blessing and at other times it's a disaster!  Today, I am leaning towards the first one. 

Our morning was hectic at first, and then just plain busy.  This afternoon was slightly more relaxed.  Now we are into early evening and I'm finally getting a chance to get my blogging done.

Lately, my brain has been hovering in the Disney World zone.  I have been reminiscing about past trips and dreaming about future trips.  My husband and I were lucky enough to visit Disney for Thanksgiving, and the following week, in 2000.  Going to bed one night and waking up to magical Christmas decor the following morning was amazing.  I am anxious to share this exciting atmosphere with my boys.  Watching their reaction to it all will certainly bring tears to my eyes.  Thinking about all of this has lead me to begin planning our November/December 2010 trip, which will be an early Christmas gift to our boys (okay, and to ourselves).  Can you tell how excited I am already? 

In the midst of our chaotic morning, my boys were being typical boys while playing loudly.  I wanted to find a way to have them wind down before we took O to school.  When I offered to play some music for them, they happily accepted the offer.  What was their choice in the vast collection of music that we own?  Surprisingly, they quickly agreed on their selection.  As Walt Disney World's "Four Parks One World" cd began to play, my overactive children laid on their stomachs in front of the speakers and the room went quiet.  I quickly grabbed 2 copies (from past years) of Birnbaum's Walt Disney World For Kids books and handed them to my silent boys.  Seconds later, they were soaking up the music and doing their own Disney dreaming.  Between the peaceful moment and sweet sight of them enjoying such a special part of our lives, I realized it was a moment worthy of a photograph!  In the midst of our crazy morning, I found such a smile worthy moment that it calmed me almost instantly.  There is something so special to me about this simple joy that I know I will cherish this memory for a long time, especially when my kids are being rowdy and wild.

Today didn't turn out as I expected, but I appreciate the blessings that the unexpected brought me... today anyway! 

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